I Hate Love : 10th March 2020

Today in class we looked at Eminem’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’ and the darker side of love. We talked about the song’s paradoxes, the confusion and pain. We discussed the parallel's between poetry and rap and how the crafting of musical lyrics sometimes gets overlooked.
We were not in our usual classroom but in the outdoor mess area which is open on all sides. There was a lot unsaid today, and even the writing output of the class was more self-conscious than usual.
As we sat there with people all around, I wondered how many writers would be able to write authentically in such a public space. My colleague Peter and I are always so impressed with the resilience of our students and their determination to write whatever the circumstances.

I Hate Love
by T.M.

Love is like flowers
grows on its own glory
When he came into my life
he was quiet, gentle; it was so simple.
I gave room to my heart
So strong he held my hand
and led me by the heart.

Love was pure and sweet
like a story
but suddenly changed.
Harsh, rude, abusive
confused why I ever let him in
Then hating myself
for being fooled by love into hate.

Can I really hate love?
Can love be so hurtful?
It is sad
My simple love
lost in complicated games
I’ll not play anymore
so play your own game.

Creative writing class from Langata Women's Prison, Kenya


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